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Our goal: Design a website for every business & organization in Racine, Wisconsin.

Designs Touch website design Racine, Wisconsin & offers affordable price website design. Designs Touch’s goal is to design a website for every business in Racine, Wisconsin regardless of business size or budget.


Here at Designs Touch website design Racine, WI we recommend you before you get your website done:

  • Understand your target market: Instead of getting your website as soon as possible, you first research your target audience in your specific market. Then, design your website around your research.
  • Website too busy or flashy: In order to create successful website you need to focus on marketing your website – not a flashy busy website design. Your design should not just be focused on bringing users, but taking them to the right place once they reach your homepage.
  • Call to Action: What action do you want from the users once they’ve arrived on your website? Do you want them to buy your product, learn about your services, register, schedule consultation, contact you, or subscribe to your business e-newsletter? You need to tell visitors what the next step is and when (now!) and how? Your content should answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” and then the call to action (big BUY NOW button) tells them what to do next.


Website_Design_Racine_WisconsinYour website is not for you. It is for your target audience.
Thinking about designing it yourself? Your website is your customers’ first experience with your brand. If you don’t have design experience, do you really think you can do it justice? Remember the first impression is the last impression. Don’t let your customer to make assumptions about your business because of a poorly designed website.

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